Hot Dog Warmer with 4 Sticks

  • Code-No. HDW-4
  • Packing Qty: 1pcs/ctn
  • Carton Size: 37x37x37cm
  • Net.weight: 1kgs
  • Gross.weight: 1kgs
- + MOQ=50pcs

An excellent addition to any sandwich bar, snack bar, pub, or bistro, this hot dog steamer and bun warmer is a highly effective cooking and warming option, as well as a guaranteed way to get customers talking! Its unique, European-style design features a Pyrex container with a stainless steel basket so that you can lower hot dogs into the steamer and retrieve them with ease. Simply add water to the stainless steel steam heater and let this impressive countertop model steam up to 30 plump, juicy hot dogs. This unit also features 4 non-stick spikes so you can easily hold 4 hot dog buns or sausage rolls for ideal warming from the inside out, while simultaneously intriguing customers in your sports bar or virtually any other venue!