Display for sandwiches 3 pcs

  • Code-No. PB4412
  • Packing Qty: 40pcs/ctn
  • Carton Size: 36x36x36cm
  • Net.weight: 1kgs
  • Gross.weight: 1kgs
- + MOQ=200pcs

This is used to keep serving areas clean and organized with ease. The partitions hold the sandwiches in place for easy condiment dispensing such as ketchup and mustard, and keep both the sandwiches upright so employees or customers can simply add chopped onions, sauerkraut, or relish as desired without hassle or mess. Get creative and use this holder for other fun foods like tacos or cannolis!


Properties 3 pcs
Material SUS304
Width 220mm
Depth 100mm
Height 50mm